We've got the POWER!

Vibe Vault Fit’s mission is to provide our members and community with a fitness and wellness experience unlike any other. We believe in empowering ourselves and each other to find authentic joy through various styles of movement.

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our newer formats, Power Fusion.

Power Fusion is a Vibe Vault Fit exclusive format that provides a full-body fitness experience combining body-weight training and intensity modifications to strengthen, tone and stretch you from head to toe. This class offers opportunities to improve strengths, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular endurance.

Power Fusion was created by the Vibe Vault Fit team, including Vibe Guides Kristine, Tara, Christy and Jess. They set out to combine the strength training and lean, body lengthening aspects of a pilates workout with the core-building and flexibility benefits of yoga, and then kick it up a notch by adding light weights, gliders and additional cardio elements.

The class is comprised of ten different sections, beginning with a warm-up and working through body-weight exercises, light weights, power, cardio, a refreshing flow section, and finally a cool down to thank our bodies for the hard work that they’ve completed. The whole class and all of the movements are choreographed to upbeat, energetic music to keep you motivated as you flow through the various sections. Some sections target individual body parts while others combine muscle groups to ensure you get the most out of your time.

Power Fusion is designed for everyone at every fitness level - our intention is to meet your body where it is at this moment and to help you find and build your strength and power through consistency and practice. Every move and every section can be modified to meet the specific needs of each person in the class so that everyone can feel the true benefits of the full-body boost offered by this class.

As Vibe Guide Christy shares, “It isn't always easy… but it feels great when you feel the accomplishment of an intense workout!”

We are very proud to announce that we just launched the third round of choreography for this dynamic format. Every new mix brings with it a new set of challenges for your body, which is part of our goal. Our aim is to keep each mix long enough for your to gain familiarity with the movements and the flow and to begin to feel mastery of the exercises, but then to switch it up and keep it fresh and exciting for your body and your spirits! Change and innovation will help to challenge our bodies and help them grow.

Power Fusion is available exclusively at Vibe Vault Fit and is offered twice a week - Wednesday evenings at 5:15pm and Sunday mornings at 9:00am. Book your spot today for this exciting workout!

Have you tried Power Fusion yet??

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