Happy November, Vibe Tribe!

Hard to believe we are at the beginning of a new month! Last month brought with it so many new things for us as a studio and as a community. We are so grateful for your support as we continue to grow and explore new ways to stay connected.

Are you ready for everything November brings? It’s almost as if this month brings with it an air of magic as we move swiftly through Autumn towards the Winter months ahead. There is so much to celebrate at this time of the year, and we are so grateful for this opportunity to share this special time together.

Symbolically, November, the eleventh month, is an indication of new beginnings, of a new journey. So as we make plans to celebrate the harvest of the seasons of our lives that we have completed, and as we prepare to bundle up for the Winter months ahead, let’s join together on a new journey this month - a journey towards Thanks-LIVING.

Every year, November reminds us to give thanks. This year, we want to change it up. We want this to be the beginning not only of giving thanks, but of living thanks. Not only of showing gratitude, but embodying it in our hearts, minds, souls and actions.

So this month, join us in an exploration of gratitude in all its forms. Let’s cultivate compassion and kindness, and let’s embark on a journey of creating lives for ourselves that reflect the gratitude we feel for every moment and every opportunity that comes our way.

Stay tuned as we explore the ideas of kindness and compassion for and in ourselves and also in our community. We hope to inspire a wave of kindness that begins with us and spreads further than we can imagine!

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