Pump it Up with Barre Pump

It’s hard to believe, looking at the arsenal of formats that we offer at Vibe Vault Fit, that just a few short years ago, we were a studio that offered one, single option. And while we absolutely love our roots in dance fitness, with its party atmosphere, exciting music, creative choreography and amazing energy, we are so proud to now be able to offer an extensive fitness and wellness experience. Our schedule is packed with 33 classes each week, covering 10 different formats as well as wellness programs for comprehensive body, mind and soul well-being.

Choosing what formats to include in our lineup is a multifaceted process. We evaluate the different options, of which there are many, and determine if they are a match for our mission, our goals, our existing lineup and our community. Sometimes we find exactly what we are looking for. And other times, in order to offer the best workout and fitness experience possible, we have to get a little more… inventive. That’s right, we create it ourselves.

The first original format that we shared with this community was created by Vibe Vault Fit co-owner and Vibe Guide Kristine Carroll. We were already seeing success with our Barre classes, but she knew that there was an opportunity to build upon its base and, as some might say, kick it up a notch.

Barre is a fitness format that focuses on strength, balance and flexibility, using ballet-inspired movements with low weight/high repetition, small range of motion movements. It helps to strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles and helps with overall conditioning.

Kristine was ready to build on these concepts, but in a way that could provide our community with an additional focus on strength, something that was a gap in our lineup at the time. So, using the ballet elements of barre and looking at the available options, she chose to incorporate one piece of equipment - a weighted bar. Together with the Barre instructors at the studio, she worked to create something fresh and new, and the result is what we now know as Barre Pump.

Barre Pump is a pre-choreographed class set to current music and choreographed by our talented staff of trained instructors. Each song is designed to focus on a specific muscle group or strength goal - upper body, lower body, core, balance or full-body. While each instructor can choose their playlist, the choreography for each song is set, which means that participants can expect the same amazing workout no matter who is leading the class. The 45-minute class includes a warm-up, a variety of songs that alternate areas of body-focus so as not to fatigue a single muscle group, a core-focused section at the end (don't forget your mat!), and a cool-down. The bar is used as a tool for building strength as well as for balance and stability during some of our tracks.

Barre Pump is the perfect class for those who are looking to add strength training, but who are motivated by the music-driven formats more familiar to dance fitness. It is a full-body workout accessible to all fitness levels. It’s strength training made accessible to Barre aficionados and a Barre class that will appeal to those who already love strength work. In combination with the high cardio benefits of dance fitness, it is the perfect way to round out your fitness routine!

Barre Pump is offered five times each week - Monday mornings at 10:30am with Vibe Guide Tara, Tuesday evenings at 6:15pm with Vibe Guide Jen M, Wednesday mornings at 10:30am with Vibe Guide Lucy, Thursday evenings at 6:15pm again with Vibe Guide Tara and Saturday mornings at 8:00am with a rotation including Jen R and our weekday instructors.

There has never been a better time to try this fun, 'empowering format. Are you ready to challenge yourself? Book your class TODAY on the Vibe Vault Fit app!

And for all of our members and class participants taking classes online - no bar? No problem! This workout is still accessible to you! You can use a broom or mop handle, a hockey stick, a pool cue or any other option you can find to offer the posture and balance benefits of the bar, you can use free-weights, wine bottles, soup cans or any other accessible options to offer you weight resistance, or you can take the class body-weight only and still feel the benefit of this energizing format!

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