Lessons Learned: 2020

Updated: Jan 11

Well, Vibe Tribe, we’ve made it! It’s the final week of a crazy year and we are so grateful that you have been with us through all of the ups, downs, twists and turns. Looking back at 2020 is an interesting experience. One year ago right now, none of us could have imagined that we would be where we are at this moment. The year was full of surprises, challenges and so many lessons.

We wanted to take a moment today to reflect back on what we have learned in this topsy turvy year and to think about the lessons that we will bring with us into 2021 and beyond. To do this, we asked our Vibe Guides for their insight - to share with us what this year has taught them and hope they hope to carry this knowledge with them into the future.

Power Fusion Vibe Guide Jess shared a very touching insight that will likely resonate with you - “A lesson that I learned from 2020 is to not take any people or experiences in my life for granted. Be more present and appreciate every moment.” As many of you know, in addition to leading intense cardio and muscle toning classes at Vibe Vault Fit, Jess is also an elementary school teacher. She has had to adapt to the countless changes that this year has meant for schools. Through it all, she has shown so much commitment to her school, her students, their families and this Tribe.

For Vibe Guide Jen M, this year was full of challenges, but ones that she was able to sit with and reframe as opportunities. “As my extrovert-self, I felt as though life came to a halt when the pandemic hit and that we put everything on ‘pause’. I’m very thankful to everyone who has been on the frontlines because life very much sped up for them. I went into it with the thought ‘okay, when this is done then I can resume my life and what I was working towards’ ... What I’ve come to realize is that even in the moments that I believed were ‘paused,’ I have been able to continue living and still be proud of myself. In the midst of all this I have still been able to better myself, whether that simply means taking a shower for the day as my accomplishment or maybe more along the lines of choreographing something new, taking a dance class to continue practicing my craft, writing notes to people and fostering relationships, taking new risks or roles on that I didn’t think were possible, doing something completely different like playing the piano again, or connecting and networking with other people virtually through more FaceTime calls and social media conversations ... I’ve learned plenty and realized that I cannot just wait for life to ‘happen’ again - and we cannot continue at the rate we were going. Social interaction will come back when it does, and I’ll be thrilled when that extroverted side of me gets to be fulfilled. But it isn’t the only thing that is going to make me happy - I can still choose happiness or create it for myself. As far as hopes for 2021, I really hope there are more hugs, more sights to see in wonder and awe, more things to appreciate together in person with laughs and smiles that we can see without masks. More dancing, more loving, more playing, and most importantly, continuing to remember and keep sight of the little things, traditions, and quiet moments with family that we discovered over quarantine that helped us create magic when we didn’t think it was possible to do so. Here’s to the future. If we can manage this, we can prosper through anything.” This insight is so very special.

Similarly, for Vibe Guide Jada, 2020 was also a time to reflect on what truly matters most. “I think the biggest thing I have taken from 2020 is not to take anything for granted. Everything can seem heavy and so bleak, but being resourceful and staying focused on the positive things that bring you joy brings us through it all. What I hope to bring into 2021 is the hope for a better future than what we considered to be status quo before this year. To appreciate the joy in my surroundings. To have a better understanding of my community and the people who make it so wonderfully diverse. To understand and not forget all of the work we had to do this past year and know that it was to make the world better for all of us longing to thrive in it together once more. That we come through challenging times together, and make it through stronger than we were before.”

Yoga Vibe Guide Amy L also shared her beautiful reflections with us. “My biggest lesson from 2020 has been learning to slow down and stop rushing through life. To become fully aware of each moment and enjoy it for what it is, whether it’s something wonderful or a meaningful lesson.”

Personal Trainer Melissa shared her insight and the lessons that 2020 has helped her to learn. “My biggest lesson I’ve learned, and that I am still learning, is patience. I was not blessed with this virtue, and each day I’m tested - especially this year. This year I believed that I would be able to do a little more for myself and it basically became the opposite. So with learning more patience and adaptability - I’m going to devote more meditation and patience to accepting life as it is and being thankful for the life and moments I’m given.”

Barre Vibe Guide Jen R summed up the lessons of 2020 simply but beautifully. She says, “Biggest lesson from 2020… you can become bitter or better as a result of your circumstances. You have the choice!” We love this idea and wholeheartedly agree. While we can’t control the world around us, even when times are tough, we each have the agency to choose how we allow those circumstances to affect us.

The final reflection that we would like to share with you comes from Power Fusion Vibe Guide Christy. As many of you may know, when not kicking our booties in the studio, Christy is a front line worker - a nurse in a local hospital on a unit that was converted to specifically handle this pandemic. She has been working bravely and tirelessly from the get-go. Her words are beautiful and we hope you find them meaningful.

“While the world slowed down, my at-work life sped up considerably.

I learned that I’m capable of so much more than I realized and to advocate for myself when I have reached my limits. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be perfect or have all the answers, sometimes it’s ok to be building a plane as you fly it.

I’ve learned to answer the question “how are you?” With an honest response, allowing myself to be vulnerable and not always try to stuff down my emotions and put on a brave front.

My biggest hope of course is that covid can move behind us in every facet of our lives and that we can also hold onto the unexpected covid-blessings we have been given. Perspective is an amazing thing. This year will continue to shape our perspectives for the rest of our lives.

Oh, and warm Olaf.”

We know that 2020 has been difficult and that so many of us have suffered losses - of loved ones, of experiences, even of life as we knew it. We hold space for you through this time and remind you that, in reflection, it is okay to grieve the times we once knew. It is okay to have mixed emotions about the year that is ending, and also confusion about moving forward into a new year of unknowns.

Above all, though, we thank you, Vibe Tribe, for your love, support and generosity throughout this entire year. You have encouraged us, empowered us and motivated us to continue, no matter what challenges the world threw at us. We have learned so much along the way - from circumstances, from trial and error, and also from you. We hope to bring all of this and more into 2021 and are looking forward to growing and strengthening this Tribe together!

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